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Separating Signal from Noise


Orbisa is built specifically for hedge fund managers to gain transparency across their portfolio, add depth to buy-side trading analysis by providing strategic insights and validate market sentiment across the wider industry. 

Utilization, short interest ratio, new loans, on-loan value, returns and rerates, duration (days to cover) and other key metrics are available,  offering a comprehensive view of the market’s outlook on specific securities. 

By analyzing short interest data, Orbisa delivers deep insights into the wholesale securities lending market, including exclusive analysis around broker-to-broker activity and borrower and lender depth as multiple indicators of the wider lending community. 

The Orbisa Real-Time Data package provides users with an exclusive view of intraday securities lending and sentiment data for a given security.

Orbisa Sentiment Data provides users with enhanced market color and insight into retail trader sentiment for individual securities by analyzing social media volume, short squeeze mentions and a time-weighted sentiment score.

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